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Coffee Plant – Freshly Roasted Organic Coffee

Coffee Plant - Freshly Roasted Coffee

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Coffee Plant has a busy coffee shop and an artisan roastery. We specialise in pure arabica coffees which are both organic and Fairtrade. We supply retail and wholesale.

Our coffee shop is located in the heart of London’s Portobello Road market and is open 7 days a week. We also have a considerable wholesale and mail order business. We roast in our factory a couple of miles away in Wembley and rush the coffee down to the shop twice weekly. We send coffee all over the UK and to nearby European countries. You can order online, or by phone. Wholesale customers: you can order on the phone or through the website where we can pre-set prices based on your turnover.

If the planet is to have a future, we think Fairtrade and organic products are the best way forward. There is extra paperwork but the audit trail is essential to uphold the integrity of both systems. There are many excuses for not being properly certified. Some roasters even claim they visit their suppliers and somehow audit them personally, a next to impossible task. A recent report in the trade press confirmed that even very expensive coffee can be grown on estates using forced labour and massive pesticide inputs. Farmers denounced the industry-backed Rainforest Alliance certification system as nothing like tough enough.

Organic certification involves spot soil checks for unauthorised pesticides and Fairtrade certification carefully audits producer accounts. Another benefit of Fairtrade is to put a floor under the market so that in bad years the producers are not at risk of losing everything to creditors.

There are still some origins (eg Kenya) which do not offer organic Fairtrade, but most of our coffee is now dual certified. This is welcome to caterers who can appeal to two often different types of customer and get word of mouth promotion. But the main selling point remains the quality of the coffee.

  • Slogan Coffee Plant - Freshly Roasted Coffee
  • Listing categories Beverages / Café / Food
  • Keywords Antibiotic Free, Vegan, Vegetarian, Organic
  • Location / Region United Kingdom/ England
  • Special Offer We are excited to invite new customers to take advantage of our special offer.Choose any three freshly roasted coffees of your choice including our Organic Fairtrade  selection for just £12 per kg with free delivery.Please check out our website to take advantage of this offer.
  • Certifications Soil Association
  • Soil Association Porto P8876   Spit P9294
  • Fairtrade certified FLO ID 3232
  • Address 180 Portobello Road
    W11 2EB London

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