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Bonnie and Bailey – Certified Organic, Soil Association Dog Grooming Products

Soil Association certified Organic Dog Shampoo & Fragrances

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The first luxury dog grooming products approved by the Soil Association. Our products contain no SLS or parabens and are as natural and organic as we can make them with our own in-house Veterinary Researchers.

We care for your dog’s skins as if they were our own…

Our range of shampoo’s include:

CITRUS ZING –  for a degreasing, deep clean (great for fox poo!)

A bespoke blend of intense citrussy fragrances for maximum freshness with essential oils: Mandarin Orange (anti-bacterial), Clementine, and the unusual Petitgrain Citrus from Paraguay (maintains oil and balance of the skin, antiseptic and deodorising) as well as Organic Pomegranate extract.

250 ml – £12.50

PUPPIES & GENTLE SKIN – a calming soothing wash, suitable for all dogs

Enriched with a unique blend of organic essential oils Chamomile, Lemongrass and Rosemary  –  selected from our analysis of more than twenty essential oils, as providing the best all-round skin care and an invigorating fragrance!

Chamomile –  calming on the mind and body, can help skin inflammation, conditions and irritation, for delicate skin,

Lemongrass – pesticide, anti-inflammatory

Rosemary – strengthens the hair and gives body and texture, conditions the skin to assist with dryness;  antimicrobial and antiseptic qualities help make it beneficial in efforts to eliminate eczema, dermatitis, oily skin.

 250 ml – £12.50

DERMA SOOTHE – a hypoallergenic blend for sensitive & irritated Skin

Using a blend of restorative organic essential oils:  Jojoba, Argan, Vitamin E

Our unique scientific analysis of 22 essential oils pinpointed these oils as our top choice for optimal skin care.  Fragrance-free for maximum gentleness.

 Jojoba –  non-greasy emollient treatment to sooth damaged and irritated skin

Argan –  reduces inflammation and helps heal damaged skin, nourishes and conditions

Vitamin E – (Tocopherol) used as an antioxidant (acting with oxygen to eliminate free radicals, protecting the skin from environmental pollution), skin conditioning active

250 ml – £12.50


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  • Soil Association HB23362
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  • Address 8 Dudley Grove

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