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Eco Fresh Clenz

5.00 / 5

We have two very effective natural cleaning aids available:

ECO FRESH CLENZ  CONCENTRATE is a highly concentrated consortium of bacterial spores, enzymes and natural surfactants that digest fats, greases, starches and proteins, breaking them down to a residue of Carbon dioxide and water, which is easily rinsed away leaving naturally cleaned surfaces. ECO FRESH CLENZ is beneficial to our environment as it stimulates Nature’s way of biodegradation. ECO FRESH CLENZ used regularly will keep drains, septic tanks, pipelines etc. clean and clear. Used in appropriate dilutions, ECO FRESH CLENZ is a very effective and efficient general cleaner for most applications.

ECO FRESH CLENZ – BIO BRIGHTENER is a powerful laundry, dishwasher and stain removing powder. Once dissolved in water (preferably warm water) ECO FRESH CLENZ BIO BRIGHTENER releases oxygen to effectively clean and sanitize, leaving whites whiter, colours brighter and dishes sparkling. For the very best results, add white vinegar to the rinse phase.

Where can it be purchased?

ECO FRESH CLENZ CONCENTRATE and ECO FRESH CLENZ  BIO BRIGHTENER can be purchased currently  at Bloubakkie, Kleinmond;  Coffee on  Clarence, Betty’s Bay and Lemon & Lime, Pringle Bay, or directly at the contact details below:



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  • Krissie

    Rating: 5 / 5

    We love their products. All natural, effective and we can even get refills as we're local to the manufacturer. How many people can say that they only use 2 products to clean their whole house and laundry!


    Not available around the world - yet...

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