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Fat Lama is the peer-to-peer rental site for your stuff. The platform connects people who want to monetise their underused belongings with those who want to rent them.

Borrowers gain access to high-end equipment whilst avoiding the deposits and premiums required by regular rental houses. Lenders unlock a significant source of passive income and in many cases make their money back on the items they own – their belongings are also fully insured whilst being rented out through Fat Lama.

From cameras, drones and projectors to tools, marquees and tents for camping, Fat Lama is the marketplace for local, cheap, convenient hire. Everyone on the platform is fully ID-checked before they’re able to lend or borrow on the platform in order to keep both users and their belongings safe. If you want to get started, it’s easy to list an item: simply submit a title and description of your item, and indicate its availability.

  • Address 35-41 Tagwright House, Westland Place, London, N1 7LP

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