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Sustainable luxury artisan creations from gemstones & minerals

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Mesitus provides a curated collection of fine handcrafted luxury artisan jewellery and home accessories made from natural gemstones, crystals and minerals.

Our creations are designed to preserve the authentic beauty and precious energy of natural gemstones, crystals and minerals.

Meticulously handcrafted with the ultimate passion, care and love for both nature and human, each design is where nature and arts intertwine, where human touch and nature touch shine.

We only use high quality hypoallergenic and ethically sourced, sustainable materials: pure solid copper, recycled or fairmined gold, silver and platinum. Our strong commitment to sustainability is unmatched, so that you can enjoy each creation with complete peace of mind.

  • Slogan Sustainable luxury artisan creations from gemstones & minerals
  • Listing categories Artisan / Jewellery / Retail
  • Keywords Cruelty-Free, Eco-friendly, Handmade, Locally Sourced, Organic, Ethical, Sustainable, Zero-waste, Natural, Responsibly Sourced, Low-impact Living
  • Location / Region United Kingdom/ England
  • Our Mission To enrich your soul and your living space with the infinite touch of nature through simple yet meaningful designs and creations, so that you can discover the essence of your inner being while living in alignment with your values and beliefs and experiencing the beauty of your precious life.
  • Address London, UK

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