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Debra Kilby

The gift of a peaceful mind and body

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Debra Kilby is a channel for spirit, a qualified Spiritual Counsellor, Life Coach, Advanced Theta Healer, Advanced Soul Plan Reading Practitioner, and Certified EFT and Matrix Reimprinting and Matrix Birth Reimprinting Practitioner.

My two passions and my own Soul’s Plan is to support women on their journeys to motherhood through pre-conception, baby loss and birth trauma and also empowering women to rediscover who they truly are and what they are here for, guiding them onto their own soul’s plan.

Following my own up and down journey through motherhood and baby loss, I began searching for deeper meaning around my experiences, and not only understand them, but transform them into something positive so I wasn’t defined by them, or stuck by them.

If you’re asking yourself those big questions such as; what is my life all about? Why did ‘that’ happen and how am I ever going to come to terms with it? Why am I here? What next? What is it that will make me happy? Then now’s the time to start exploring the answers.

Traumatic and upsetting events or situations have a way of kick-starting this curiosity into the bigger picture of yourself and your life. My passion is to support and guide you to understand yourself and your experiences at a deeper level in order to find resolution and healing, no matter what the past or present issue is that has triggered this yearning to know more.

I use a variety of energy healing tools to help you find clarity on your situation and clear any heavy emotions and hidden blocks that may be weighing you down and holding you back from either becoming a mum or feeling in the flow of life.

If you feel it’s time to start exploring your true self and being the very best version of yourself – free to fully embrace life and developing an inner strength to cope with life’s challenges – then I am here to guide you.

For example, the beautiful Matrix Birth Reimprinting session will enable mums to find peace with their birth story, as well as build an even stronger connection to their child here, or in spirit.

Through a Soul Plan Reading, you will truly get to know ‘yourself’. You will gain fresh insight into life’s challenges, it will enable you to embrace your natural gifts and talents, identify your goals and reveal and align you with your life purpose. A Soul Plan Reading has been described as reading the ‘DNA of the Soul’ and is a beautiful gift to gain a deeper understanding of yourself. Within this reading, you also receive a personal channelled message.

Please drop me a message if you would like to know more or if you are ready to book in and begin transforming your journey to motherhood and/or your life.

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